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I’m size 7.5! :)

f a s h i o n l o c k e r
Fashion 21 Berry Princess lipstick
Giveaway Winner!

I message the 2 winners here in tumblr (I waited their reply before I announce that’s why it’s kinda late) but i don’t  know why they don’t want me to mention their name :/ the other one, I pleased her to at least announced here email add so that I can note that. So “" was the winner of the huge one. and the one who is very private hehe was winner of the other one. Thank you! :)

yellow270k said: Hi, im from cainta. Where are you from?

Hi ;) im from Cavite :)

Beauty Treats LA Makeup Primer

. I tested it when I was in the mall and I bought it because I wanna try it out. When I tested it when I got home I saw some glitters in it which I didn’t notice in the mall. Kind of -.- By now, I couldn’t  say anything here because As of now, I still didn’t tried it on my face.
Celeteque DermoScience + Hydration Facial Moisturizer with Triple Moisturizing System

Good for oily type skin because it is water-based and oil-free. Although I am not that oily type, but during this hot summer days, I purchased it. Liked :)
European formula Conditioner Revitalisant dry or damaged hair

I will try this one today. I saw this in our essentials. I was hooked by the label itself. When I open it up and smelled it.. wOW! It smells nice. I can’t wait to see the results ;))


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the sky’s the limit, just kidding, the limit is May/10… uvu

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